Transaction issues with an AOS device | VERSUS : REALM WAR
VERSUS : REALM WAR Purchase Issue
Transaction issues with an AOS device

If the items were not distributed after purchasing

Kindly fill out the following information below and submit to our Customer Support Center.



1. Nickname:

2. PID:

   (To get your PID, kindly go to in-game Settings > Game Info > PID and copy the information)

3. Linked Account:

   (Indicate which account is linked to your game data. Google Play/Facebook/Game Center)

4. Transaction Platform (e.g Google Play):

5. Date and time of purchase:

6. Item name and purchase cost:

7. Payment email:

8. Order Number:

9. Request (Cancellation/Re-process):


Kindly fill out the information above and we will assist you as soon as possible.