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I'm in a different country, is it possible for me to play VERSUS : REALM WAR?
VERSUS : REALM WAR is a Global Game than can you play in any country you are in. However, the server you are in may change upto/depending on the standard IP of your location upon connecting to the game. VERSUS : REALM WAR is a global game so you can play the game anywhere regardless of the country. ex) VERSUS : REALM WAR will be automatically connected to Asia server if you enter the game in South Korea
How I can use Coupon? (iOS)
◈ How to Use Coupon with iOS devices 1. Visit . 2. Type your PID(8 numbers) and Coupon code at the site. 3. Press OK button to get its reward. ◈ How to check PID 1. Click Profile on the upper-left screen. 2. Check your PID (8 numbers) . ◈ Note ※ You can check Coupon at Message. ※ You can use Coupon only once. ※ Please check PID once again if you type the right PID as yours. ※ The coupon reward will be offered within 1h
How can I use 'Thanks' Coupon
◈ How to use coupons 1. AOS Users : 2. iOS Users: ◈ Cupon Reward : - Speed Up (24H) x1, Speed Up(3D) x1, Speed Up(7D) x1 ◈ Notes: 1. You can use Coupon only once per account 2. You can use Coupon until 2020.05.31 (UTC+0)  3. After using Coupon, the reward will directly send into your Bag or Message. 4. For iOS users, the coupon reward will be o
How do I contact the Customer Support Center in-game?
You can check the FAQ page or the Customer Support Center in the game. Kindly check the steps below.   ◈ How to contact Customer Support Center 1. Select [Settings] in the upper right corner of the game 2. Select [Game Info] tab 3. Select [Contact]   However, if you wish to send an inquiry with a screensh
How can I use Coupons?
◈ How to use coupons 1. Touch the [Profile] on the upper left corner. 2. Touch the [Cupon]. 3. Enter the Coupon number and you will receive the reward!